Bauwesen — 21 November 2022

Dropbox accelerates, simplifies and improves construction projects

A construction worker would never start a job knowing their most important tools were scattered between several different toolboxes.


Yet when it comes to project management, the construction industry does just this, working in silos, using several different tools, each with different capabilities. But, there is a better way.

Dropbox streamlines the tools you need to manage your construction project, from coordinating onsite and offsite teams, to organising media, and storing information and plans. That means out with some of those old, cluttered toolboxes, and in with a new way of working.

Here’s how it works.

Use cases


Centralise design document management to improve collaboration.

Dropbox is the best way to maintain consistency and accuracy across your design projects.

When it comes to project document management, finding what you are looking for — especially the right version — is a constant issue. Dropbox provides a single source of truth for your design team, clients, and stakeholders so that you can keep information flowing while focusing on getting your design to the finish line.





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